The business case to move to the cloud

14 September 2021

Ben & Jerry’s, Dove,  Knorr… Over 2,5 billion people consume Unilever’s brands – over 400 in total – on a daily basis. As Unilever is digitising towards efficiency and growth, they are facing seismic shifts in the industry,  with e-commerce growing 70%, employees asking for a more intuitive way of working and data becoming the key to competitive edge.

In the 6th session it’s all about the business case to move to the cloud. This virtual meeting will be introduced by Adam Raeburn-James, VP of Global Technology Services, Unilever. Our host is Joris van Oers, MD International Markets at BT’s Global unit.

Adam and his team are driving the simplification and evolution of core technology platforms to enable Unilever’s digital transformation; revolutionizing its supply chain, unlocking data for partners, and securely connecting 150 thousand employees and 750 global sites. In his keynote Adam will elaborate on:

  • How to create the business case for the move to cloud: modernising layers of infrastructure creates flexibility and cost-savings
  • A more open world of platforms allows to collaborate differently with consumers, retailers and suppliers
  • The need for a more simple way of working for Unilever’s employees, ensuring optimal user-experience
  • How the internet-based network requires a zero-trust exchange
  • The challenges on innovation in the supply chain


  • 13:30 Welcome and introduction by Rob Beijleveld & Joris van Oers
  • 13:35 Customer case part 1, followed by discussion
  • 14:15 Customer case part 2, followed by discussion
  • 14:55 Conclusion
  • 15:00 Session ends

*Central European Time


Adam Raeburn-James, VP of Global Technology Services, Unilever