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The Leading lights boardroom

You live in an age of choice. New platforms, new applications and new software-defined ways to deliver connectivity are bringing down the borders between networks, edge and cloud. Your employees and customers become increasingly demanding and influential, as consumerisation of work is driving up speed.

In addition you are challenged by the board to realise the potential of the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence. All while keeping your infrastructure secure, and your reputation intact.

What if you could discuss these themes and their impact on business and society with peers across related industries? So you could strengthen your beliefs – or have them challenged – and make the right choices? This is where the Leading lights boardroom comes in.

Designed for digital leaders

Leading lights boardroom is an exclusive platform for digital and tech leaders and is an initiative of BT and ICT Media: a leading European network and media organisation with more than 700 C level participants. Boardrooms are managed by an independent moderator and hosted by Joris van Oers, MD for Resources, manufacturing and logistics & Europe for BT’s Global division.

BT’s Global leadership values the feedback of the Leading lights boardroom so members can influence service, proposition and innovation roadmaps.

Participate across Europe

Hosted in several European cities, about 15 digital leaders come together for discussion, followed by informal drinks and world-class dining at an inspiring location. To secure continuity and a high level of the discussion, membership (free) is required. The agenda and dates are set by the members. Every meeting has its own topic, introduced by a member or guest speaker, which is the basis for the discussion.

Become a member

Are you an executive with ‘digital’ responsibilities and are you interested in participation? The Leading lights boardroom is pleased to welcome you (free of charge). We will keep you informed with relevant news and articles and invite you for Leading lights boardrooms in your preferred area.

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Boardroom Sessions


All boardroom meetings follow the same format. The session starts late afternoon, followed by an interactive discussion. The meeting ends with drinks and a world-class dinner.

Throughout Europe

Boardroom sessions are locally organised across Europe. Members can participate in one or more cities.

Exclusive membership

Boardrooms have a limited number of regular members. We are committed to bringing together decision makers who operate on a high level. Guest members can be invited, as well as guest speakers.

Twice a year

As sessions will be recurring, Leading lights boardroom creates a long-term relationship with and among attendees. A self-steering agenda ensures that dates will be set in agreement with members.