The Cloud Journey

27 May 2021

Tech Priorities 2021 (5): The role of cloud in digital transformation 

The cloud makes it easier for organizations to take the digital step forward. After all, the cloud brings more flexibility, more agility, lower costs and new opportunities for innovation. Some CIO’s state that the digitization of their company would not be possible without a radical cloud transformation.

In the new Leading Lights Boardroom season, the focus is on IT priorities for 2021: the things that CIOs and IT decision makers really need to tackle in order to create business value. In each session we will show real-life IT projects that create value in the long term – through optimization of resources, competencies and technology.

In the fifth session it’s all about the role of cloud in digital transformations. This virtual meeting will be introduced by Kurt de Ruwe, CIO of Signify (the former Philips Lighting).

Connected lighting

Signify, the former Philips Lighting, is the world leader in lighting. Their connected lighting offerings bring light and the data they collect to devices, places and people – redefining what light can do and how people use it.  Signify is fully engaged in digital transformation, with the aim of serving the customer even better in a rapidly changing market. This digitization would not be possible without a radical cloud transformation.

In the last five years, CIO Kurt de Ruwe focused on cost reduction, application rationalization and cloudification: “if it can run in the cloud, we put it in the cloud”. In his keynote Mr. de Ruwe will elaborate on Signify’s journey to the cloud: the choices that were made to define the architecture and partner eco-system, the challenges in terms of data volumes, security and network architecture and the evolving relationship between business and  IT. He will also shed a light on the upcoming innovation  – like TruLifi and UVC lighting – and the implications for IT.



  • 10:00 Welcome and introduction by Rob Beijleveld & Joris van Oers
  • 10:05 Customer case part 1, followed by discussion
  • 10:45 Customer case part 2, followed by discussion
  • 11:25 Conclusion
  • 11:30 Session ends

*Central European Time


Kurt de Ruwe, CIO – Signify

Experienced CIO with a solid track record of delivery and driving innovation both for business process and IT technology related activities. Operated in a couple of multinational companies and enjoyed both the English, the German and US way of doing things. Has been involved in some major change management and SAP projects and managed a couple of big M&A deals that required significant reenginering to make the intergration a success.