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IoT – The barriers to scaling

In the manufacturing sector a complex world of interconnected devices is creating new opportunities.
But as Information Technology (IT) and Operational IT (OT) converge, several obstacles become apparent.

One of the main challenges when ‘moving to the edge’ is setting up an infrastructure that supports the implementation of IoT solutions. This is a real struggle when dealing with the typical legacy IT found all too often within the manufacturing industry.

Another area of concern is cyber security. Industrial IoT connects the two worlds of OT and IT and as segregation is removed, cyberattacks on OT will become more commonplace.

Finally, perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome, is how to on-board, scale and secure millions of devices automatically. Analysts report that manual provisioning and on-boarding of individual devices can take more than 25 minutes adding up to a huge cost and in some cases increased security risks.

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