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Cloudy with a good chance of AI

The pandemic has catapulted us all into a more digital way of life.
It’s important to understand how far consumer behaviour and expectations have changed in this short and turbulent period.

We explore how your agents are affected by handling more complex and impassioned conversations with people under pressure.  We’ll also share how according to them their current contact centre technology is falling short of what they need to do a good job.

Some highlights

What are the changes in consumer behaviour due to the pandemic?
40% say they are more likely to buy products and services online in the future.

Did choice of channel make a big leap or not?
85% consumers say they want to use video chat when self-service proves difficult.

What is the big shift for agents and their supervisors working from home?
55% agents say their systems run slow.

Did security gain importance?
58% consumers say they like the idea of organisations using technology like AI to identify them by their voice and save time on the call.

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